Basic Accessories to Elevate Your #ootd

Accessories really make all the difference in finalizing your outfit of the day. Just by changing the style of your bag, adding a belt, a scarf, a bow—changing minor details—we can transform a basic look, into an outfit that communicates our own style and that really conveys our identity.

It’s important to take inventory of the accessories we have, the ones we actually wear, and which ones are missing from our closet, so we know what to buy and what we have enough of. Let’s take a look:

  1. Sunglasses
    Sunglasses exist in a multitude of colors, sizes, and shapes, and are basic accessories that are functional but also express our style and personality. Sunglasses in black or brown are classic and can be worn on almost every occasion. Feeling bold? Pair a unique color with a classic shape, or a classic color with a non-traditional frame to convey more of your personality and style.
    Note: Learn more about the best frame for each face shape so you have greater chances of making the right choice!
  2. Belts
    Belts are another functional piece that can totally change the style of an outfit. The thinner and more delicate ones help create a more romantic style, while thicker belts or ones with more details can add a creative or dramatic flair.
    If you’re just building your accessory inventory, it’s good to have at least one black belt. It’s extremely versatile, can be dressed up or down, and helps create even more looks with the pieces you already have.
  3. Watches
    True, we probably use our phones more than watches to check the time, but the accessory itself can add a personal touch. Add a unique sense of style with the bracelet material, size, colors. Good basics to have are the classic black or brown bracelets, or the metallic silver and gold tones that allow for a variety of pairings for any occasion.
  4. Bandana, scarf
    Bandanas and/or scarves are extremely versatile accessories and happen to be ones I wear often. You can add them to your hair, tie them around your neck or around the handles of your bag. You can find these at super affordable prices and get a lot of use out of them, so I definitely recommend the investment.
  5. Purse/Bag
    Finally, a super useful accessory in any woman’s life—the bag. Black and beige bags are an excellent investment. You can use them all the time, no matter the occasion. But there is also a variety of models, colors, fabrics, sizes, that totally change the style and the result of your chosen outfit. Invest in quality bags. They will be pieces to use frequently, and the lower the quality of the material, the less time it will last, meaning you’ll have to spend that money again and again. Buy quality first.

These pieces are some of the basics for your accessory repertoire. What accessories would you add to the list?

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