What the colors you wear say about you

The messages we convey through the clothes we wear aren’t just about one specific element, but rather about a combined set. Just as we communicate through sentences (a combined set of words), we use different elements such as fabrics, patterns, accessories, colors, prints, and others, to create visual phrases that say so much about us to the world. Today we are going to talk about one of these elements—color—and how we can use it to express our desired message.

Finding your colors

Color is like the adjective in a sentence. It brings quality and emotion, and it easily changes the personality of an outfit. It’s something that our eye recognizes quickly, even from afar. So, it can be a powerful, yet easy, tool to create interesting and versatile compositions.

Wearing color doesn’t necessarily mean being super colorful. If using several strong and bright colors is what your heart desires, great! But if you prefer softer, neutral colors, or even just one color, you can still create endless possibilities and combinations and have lots of fun.

Start by thinking about what kind of colors you like and find beautiful. It’s a good idea to look in your closest and your Pinterest boards to notice color patterns and to understand what your colors are.

What emotions do colors evoke?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are colors that make you calmer, make you smile more, or even make you feel brave and confident. Others create a mix of feelings. We can use colors to reinforce how we want to feel!

But just as what we wear affects us, it also sends a message to those around us. So let’s understand the messages behind each color and their combinations, keeping in mind that these messages aren’t absolute rules. They can be altered by a change of hue, style, fabric, and other elements.


What colors you wear say about your wardrobe

Coziness is closely related to what is simple, harmonious, and comfortable, even to the eye. Neutral colors and earthy tones convey this idea well. Primary, cheerful, and light colors also work. If you want to create a composition of colors, analogous combinations are best, and when choosing prints, choose the simplest ones, such as plaid and stripes.


What colors you wear say about your wardrobe

Seriousness, on the other hand, is closely linked to the traditional, the timeless, and quality. You know, like royalty. Neutral colors, monochromatic combinations, and classic patterns, such as pied-de-poule (houndstooth), paisley, stripes, and others, convey this message very well.


What colors you wear say about your wardrobe

Modernism has a lot to do with straight lines and simple cuts, but on the other hand, modernism has a lot of fun with colors, which are usually strong, intense, and impactful. These combinations also communicate a very strong message, as they are often contrasting and complementary. Prints are less effective for this type of message, but if you want to bet on one, choose geometric and highly contrasting prints.


What colors you wear say about your wardrobe

The good thing about fun is that it is as democratic as joy should be. Here you can implement any color, combination, print, any way you want, without worrying about rules or what others will think. Explore and try combining different messages and elements. What says “fun” to you?


What colors you wear say about your wardrobe

What colors do you think of when you think “soft” or “delicate”? Pastel colors? That’s right! See how easy it is to relate feelings to colors? It’s all there, it’s just about paying attention. If you want to create combinations while still conveying this message, monochromatic and analogous ones work well, always prioritizing low contrasts, even when it comes to prints.


What colors you wear say about your wardrobe

If you want to put together a power outfit, implement vibrant colors, especially blocks of color with great contrast. Animal prints work too. Just be careful when selecting your colors and prints. Power is directly related to high quality, a detail that, if ignored, can easily yield the opposite: tacky.

What message do you want to convey?

Remember, color is just one word in your sentence. We also need to consider the design and fabric of each piece when putting together our phrases. But let’s go little by little, agreed?

Analyzing the colors we wear helps us understand what our wardrobe already says about us, and it also serves to guide our future outfit choices. Now, go color the world with who you are! ♡

If there’s a message you want to learn to convey, but we didn’t cover in this article, drop it in the comments, and we’ll answer!

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