In October, we wear #pink.

October is breast cancer awareness month and, worldwide, it’s symbolized by the color pink. The idea of using this color emerged at the end of the last century when the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation distributed pink ribbons to the participants of the first Race for the Cure in New York in 1990. Since then, this color has been a symbol of the movement.

If your style is romantic and delicate, you probably won’t have any difficulty wearing this color. In fact, pastel pink likely dominates your wardrobe, am I right? But, if this isn’t your case, doubts always come up when matching this shade with other pieces of clothing, and you always end up pairing it with black, white, and gray, or you end up preferring not to use it or saying that you don’t like pink.

That’s why I decided we’d better talk about putting together outfits that feature pink pieces.

But remember, to understand and learn more about colors and combinations we need to allow ourselves room to be daring and, of course, to get it right and get it wrong.


The color that neighbors pink in the color wheel is red. Red is my favorite color, and I never had thought to match it with pink, but I found the combination to be quite fashionable and chic. See below for outfits using shades of pink and red.


Also in the same family of colors that are analogous to pink, we find orange, which is quite bold and fun to match with other colors. Don’t limit yourself to these colors only on clothes but also use them in bags, shoes, and other accessories.

Here’s inspiration from bridesmaid dresses that used tone variations of pink and orange:

peach and pink pastel bridesmaid colors


I find using complementing colors in outfits incredibly interesting. For example, a complementary color of pink is green. This combination may not seem to work very well at first since both colors are on completely opposite sides in the color chart. But when we think of creating this combination with clothes, we can look for shades that will work very well together.


Now, if you really love pink and you have a lot of it in your wardrobe, why not go for a pink monochromatic outfit!

Playing around with colors and clothes is extremely fun! Try adding some pink to your life! You can use these tips to wear pink year-round, or on special days like Pink T-shirt day or in October to raise awareness about breast cancer! Add little pink to the world!

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