Discover Your Color Palette

Do you know what colors enhance your features and work for you?

To discover your personal color palette, we must analyze the undertones of the skin, that is, what’s underneath it. For example, there are black skin tones that are cool and white skin tones that are warm. Cool skin presents pink or reddish tones. Warm skin features gold or yellowish tones. It’s also possible that you have neutral undertones, which are between cool and warm tones.

How to find yours:

1- In the sunlight, face a mirror and start to identify the colors of your veins (which are our undertones). Notice if they are greenish or bluish-purple.

  • GREEN VEINS – Warm color chart
  • BLUE VEINS – Cool color chart
  • MIXED VEINS – Neutral chart

2- Also analyze your hair, eyes, and skin in these natural colors.

3- Grab a color swatch or a few tops with cool, warm, and neutral colors to test.

4- Put on one top at a time and notice the changes they cause on your face. There will be some that will enhance your features and some that will wash you out.

Warm and cool color swatches
Warm colors and Cool colors

Cool skin undertones

If you have cool undertones, you probably have light or pale skin, and if you get too exposed to the sun your skin burns easily. Another characteristic of those who have cool undertones is having blue-toned veins at the wrist. Accessories and shoes in gray or silver look best on you. Below is a color chart that enhances your undertones. Take the opportunity to choose clothes in these shades, as they will help highlight your features.

Warm skin undertones

If you tan easily, your skin most likely has warm undertones. The veins at your wrists are likely more green than blue, and yellow or gold accessories and shoes look better on you. Bright white may wash you out a bit, but off-white is a sure bet. When choosing your clothes, check out the color palette below for colors that highlight your undertones and bring out the best in your features!

Neutral skin undertones

If your skin is between cool and warm undertones, you have neutral undertones. With neutral undertones, there’s no secret. You can do an infinity of color combinations, and they will look great on you. How lucky! ūüėČ

A chromatic analysis won’t define you, but it can help you make more assertive choices when it comes to the pieces in your closet!

Inspiration for cool undertones

Inspiration for warm undertones

Inspiration for neutral undertones

Now that you’re set with your color palette, why not find out the best silhouettes and shapes for your body shape?

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