Turning Basic Pieces Into Go-To Outfits

The term “basics” tempts us to imagine outfits that are simple, easy to put together, and worn by people who live in casual wear.

To some extent, this is true. But when we talk about basic pieces, a new horizon opens up. Through basic pieces, we can compose countless looks for any event, environment, and season.

That’s why identifying which pieces are your “must-haves” is extremely important, regardless of your style! Not sure how to choose? Start by clicking here to discover your closet essentials.

Okay, now what?

Now, let’s create! Let’s use these pieces to compose outfits that we can turn to time and again. As the name implies, basic pieces are neutral, classics, extremely versatile, and allow for plenty of creativity. For many people, their closet essentials look something like this: a white button-up, white top, black top, striped top, black skirt, denim skirt, black dress, black blazer, denim jacket, white sneakers, black or nude heels and flats. Recognize any of your “must-haves”? Your list may look entirely different, and that’s what will determine how your go-to looks turn out. Ready?

The pieces you’ve chosen will produce your basic outfits. They will create a neutral outfit with a simple composition, making them suitable for various environments and occasions. An example of a basic outfit is the famous white top, denim skirt, and white sneakers.

Build your basic outfits

At this point, you are probably feeling one of two reactions: comfortable with the idea of composing basic looks that don’t require too much effort to match the pieces, or feeling like something is missing to make the outfit complete.

If you were feeling quite satisfied with your new arsenal of classic, always-in-style looks, congratulations! You’ve likely found your personal style. You resonate with a casual personal style, which prioritizes comfort, quality pieces, and versatile looks that can travel and weather through the seasons, trends, events, and phases of life. Try searching terms like “basic outfits”, “capsule wardrobe”, and even “French girl style” for references on Pinterest. Remember, use fashion inspo properly!

and spice them up!

On the other hand, if you’re feeling like you’re not quite done yet, then it’s time to innovate.

Throughout this process, we’ve been stressing that basic pieces form the base for your outfit. You can build on them to create countless compositions, mixing and matching your basics, or swapping them for pieces that add to your look.

Some ideas:

1 – Add accessories. Accessories carry our style, story, personality, all while completing the outfit.

2 – Modify your piece with small touches. Fold or scrunch up your sleeves, knot your top, button it differently, tuck it in… These are details that seem so small, but believe me, they completely change the end result.

3 – Swap a basic piece. When building on your base pieces, swap one out for something with more personality. Maybe something with more color, or a print, a different shape, maybe shine, texture, ruffles…it’s up to you! The best part of building on basic pieces is that you can let your imagination drive without being so afraid of making mistakes.

Just because you started with basic pieces doesn’t mean your outfit will be bland!

Here’s some inspiration. See if you can pick out the basic piece that was the foundation for the look and what each girl added to allow personality to shine through! ?

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