What Are Your Closet Fundamentals?

If you’ve ever come across one of those “closet must-haves” lists, raise your hand. o/

I have, and I confess I felt frustrated every time I tried to follow those lists. How crazy is it that we expect someone who knows nothing about us to determine what we should wear? 

My theory is that we feel insecure about not having a degree/career in fashion and think we need a professional to guide our choices. But it would be much more effective if we got to know ourselves better. If clothes are a form of communication, who better to define the essence of what we want to say than ourselves? So let’s get rid of those lists and create our own! I’m here to help.

Why do I need basics?

Finding your closet basics.

The first thing we need to understand is the function of the fundamental pieces in our closet. They don’t make up our entire wardrobe, but they serve as a starting point to create several looks. They are the base. We’re finding the foundation for our outfits, not creating a capsule wardrobe.

We’re finding the clothes that make you feel “at home”, that offer you countless outfit possibilities, and that will give you more security when creating an original look or trying something new.

What are wardrobe basics?

Everyone’s “must-have” list will be different. We usually associate basics with neutral pieces and colors and simple shapes, but that can vary so much from one style to another! If I love prints, for example, my base piece may be a versatile striped T-shirt that I can use to create several looks. Do you see how your fundamental pieces don’t have to be a white T-shirt, denim skirt, or a black blazer? You can choose anything to be the piece around which you build your outfits.

Finding your closet fundamentals

What's essential in your closet?

So let’s define your closet essentials. We’ll start off simple. Choose five basic pieces that you always wear, the “go-to” pieces in your wardrobe. Maybe it’s that top that goes well with everything, the skirt that you can wear any time… Just make sure the pieces are different types. You can choose a top, a bottom, a dress, a shoe, whatever type of clothing you want, but not five dresses or five tops, for example. Choose pieces that work in your daily life and that you really truly love! That will make creating new looks easier and a lot more fun.

If you need some extra help to choose your five pieces, here are some ideas:

  • Notice the pieces you wear the most – look through your recent photos; ask your friends and family; pay attention to the clothes you automatically reach for, and I’m sure you will already have several options.
  • Count the number of outfits you’ve created with a particular piece – once you know the pieces you wear the most, open your closet and try to remember how many outfits you’ve created with each piece. Looking through your photos is a great way to get some ideas.
  • Maybe your fundamentals aren’t a specific piece, but a color! – it’s possible that your “must-have” isn’t a specific piece, but a color, a fabric, a detail, a feeling… Let that inform your choices of the five pieces for this challenge.

Choose your five basic pieces calmly. Consider why you’ve chosen them. Write them down! The idea is to choose at least five to have a starting point. Gradually, you can add to the list to find your perfect number of basic pieces.

Must have closet essentials

It’s important to consider our clothes often. Take the time to remember what’s in your closet. Most of the time, when we want to “reinvent” our style or when we just don’t know what to wear, we think the solution is to buy new clothes. But that doesn’t solve the problem, just adds to it. It’s only possible to overcome our style issues when we understand what we like, what we want to communicate, what we already have, and how to wear it!

So select your essential pieces with care. Your core closet is yours alone and has to serve your lifestyle. From time to time, redo this exercise. We change and so does our style. Take note of what it’s like right now and learn more about yourself in the process!

9 thoughts on “What Are Your Closet Fundamentals?”

  1. Ophelia Gherman

    Great ideas and suggestions!
    I look forward to your next article that helps us reach the next level! How do I build or add to my top 5 favorite outfit articles and expand on these?

    Thank you!

    1. That’s great! We’ll now start building basic outfits around these articles of clothing. Basically, different ways of styling the same piece to get more outfits. We’ve just released Gabi’s 8 outfits she created with one of her pieces on Instagram, and next week we’ll talk more about it here on the blog :D.

    2. Juliana Mendes

      So glad you liked! This year we gonna share a lot of tips to help you reach the next levels on your personal style 😀 not only here on the blog but also on our Instagram and for sure the next article here is gonna help you with ideas on how to build from those 5 favorites you chose ♥️ so stay tuned!

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  3. Eu particularmente não gostei dos vestiário, nem parece ser reformista. Assim como no passado Deus queria seu povo fora da moda do mundo ,hj é da mesma forma. Fico triste ao ver nossas jovens fora do vestiário correto que Deus nos proporciona.Que o Senhor nos ajude a nós preparar pra sua volta.

    1. Que pena que a irma se sente assim. Mas esperamos que mesmo assim aplique as dicas para encontrar um estilo que te deixe feliz e confortável. Obrigada por ler!

  4. Quando a Juliana colocou as suas próprias fotos não quis impor seu gosto, quis personalizar o seu artigo.

    O que ela ensinou foi reconhecer o estilo e faze lo funcional.

    Obrigada! Eu gostei muito.

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