Mirror, Mirror: Loving your body postpartum

Many mothers find postpartum a difficult period of adjustment, especially when it’s time to face the mirror. It’s often hard to not compare your body before and after giving birth. At such a sensitive period, it’s not uncommon to find women who, when facing the magnitude of motherhood, find themselves in full collapse and develop depression. Overwhelmed with the weight of the new responsibilities and daily routine, the incentive to get dressed up sometimes flies out the window.

But don’t despair! This can be a passing phase if you want it to be. If you’re ready, today I’d like to introduce some tips to help you face this situation with more grace and perspective.

First, never compare yourself to other people. It’s normal to see pictures of famous women who, immediately after giving birth, look better than they did before pregnancy. But this is often the result of a support system that includes personal trainers, chefs, plastic surgery, a stylist, and other procedures that are often out of most women’s realities. Don’t let this comparison demotivate you. Each woman is different and responds to pregnancy uniquely.

Remember how I said ‘never compare yourself to others’? Well, don’t even compare your postpartum self with your pre-pregnancy self. You have developed, grown, changed. So has your body. Focus on the positive things you now have and the amazing feat you have just accomplished! Have confidence in the fact that you are a strong, amazing person who generated life!

Once you’ve accepted this, it’s time for a change and to get acquainted with the new you. Don’t force your body into pieces that no longer make sense to its new reality. If something doesn’t fit and only makes you feel bad, get rid of it. That might mean it’s time for some new pieces in your wardrobe. Find clothes that enhance your new shape. Invest in pieces (they don’t have to be many) that make you feel confident and powerful. Discover the best shapes and accessories that flatter you.

And the most important thing: understand that you, as a woman and mother, are invaluable. You are not just a body, you are much more than that. Trust that what makes you you is a combination of extraordinary things. There is no trend, stereotype, or standard in the world that should have the power to make you feel inferior. The spots on your face, the stretch marks on your body, whatever marks were left on you when you brought life into this world tell the story of an incredible woman. This is you now. And you, mama, can stand proud.

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2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror: Loving your body postpartum”

  1. Uau, amei isso. Me identifiquei muito, na verdade me olhar no espelho depois do parto foi difícil, eu me sentia bem diferente mesmo, mas graças a Deus eu consegui aceitar com o tempo todas as mudanças né.

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