Why Should We Talk About Sex?

My people have perished because they lack knowledge […]

Hosea 4:6

People have had sexual relations and procreated for millennia, and still, there are many mistakes made when it comes to sex. The fact that mankind has deviated from what is natural has generated many doubts, myths, and taboos around what was supposed to be simple. Sexuality needs to be understood in its breadth and purposes, but for that to happen we need a mind willing to renew itself in the knowledge of the truth, guided by the spirit of love and wisdom which is the gift of God.

There are countless women plagued by unneeded fear and guilt who live oppressed and distressed by the burden of sexual trauma, not knowing that there is a cure for their ills. Bad habits, unsatisfactory communication, lack of self-knowledge, and denial in seeking professional help result in compromised sexual health. And because compromised sexual health never walks alone, this also generates compromised physical and emotional health, aggravating a situation capable of destroying a family and personal quality of life. Some examples are: a bad diet that generates candidiasis, unprotected relations which are a means of contracting diseases, the use of inadequate contraceptive methods that reduce libido, inadequate hygiene that generates infections, absence of foreplay and repetitive positions which generate inflammation and many others.

It’s never too late to seek health in all aspects of our lives and to satisfactorily enjoy what was given by God. For this purpose, there are some steps to be taken:

  1. Know God and His commandments; love His law and obey them with all your heart. This will bring insight so that wise choices are made individually and within a relationship.
  2. Self-knowledge is essential; knowing anatomy and physiology is a must for anyone who has a body and wants to use it (COL, 223-224). Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we are stewards of this heritage. Knowing yourself implies observing yourself and understanding biological phenomena and respecting them.
  3. Search for correct information, be honest in assessing the facts and, if necessary, seek professional help.

Following these steps, thinking about and studying the subject is an act of love for yourself and for your marriage. Seek a healthy life. Don’t be afraid of this topic. More on it coming soon, right here.

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